Nov 22, 2007


I kept busy yesterday. Block one is done. I see several people are making more than one block to make a bigger quilt. I haven't quite decided yet. One block a week is going to be no trouble at all though. I might just make more too.

I went right on to make block two. Yep, I'm defintely going to have to make more...

Our son called last night. The boys made it to DesMoines, Iowa. They hope to get to Salt Lake City, Utah today. A boy that graduated with them is working at a ski hill there. The plan is to stay there a few days before heading out to California. I was at work, so I didn't get to talk to him last night. Hopefully today I'll hear his voice. As much as he wanted to go, it was difficult to leave yesterday. I just need to hear some enthusiasm in his voice, to know that he is happy. This is a whole new aspect to motherhood for me. My heart aches, but I'm happy for him at the same time.


Amy Jo said...

I like your blocks! and really like the colors of the second one. I've still got to finish my second one! Thanks for the comment! I'm in Southwest Michigan!

Anonymous said...

your blocks are great! they are fun and addicting, aren't they?