Dec 31, 2007

The New Year

Both my girls. Em is a stylist and had just done Lizzy's hair for the Christmas Dance. The girls really worked hard to make Christmas a happy time, despite their brother not being able to be home.
My look back on 07. It's been a good year. My son graduated from High School. He did break my heart by moving to California for the Winter, but kids are suppose to grow up and become independent. I'm very proud of him. Just wish he would call home more...My sister and her husband that live in Hawaii, were finally able to adopt their son. He has been in their care as a foster child since he was 6months old. He is now 5 and officially a part of our family.
My "baby" got her driver's liscense! Now she drives herself to school daily. She is very responsible, and a constant source of joy to her parents.
Now that I have that "more time", my goal this year is to exercise, eat right, and lose 40# (okay now it's in black and white it must be accomplished!) I have all the "Biggest Loser" books. I'm hoping a new program will get me going in the right direction. My second goal is to use what I have - the stash both in yarn and fabric is overwhelming. To think I won't buy more is unreasonable, but maybe, if I complete 5 things, I can buy something new. (You think that will work???) I really am determined. When I changed jobs, I said I would "reclaim" this house. After 18 years of living here, everything needs to be gone through some redecorating needs to happen etc. And then there is my hubby is really good, I'm not bad, but want to be better. Some really good things to work towards in 08.

I'm going to spend this last day of the year making a nice dinner for my family. Knitting and sewing of course. My hubby's birthday is January 1st. I promised him I'd go snowshoeing tomorrow. He really likes to get outside and walk.
I'm not going to stress about my resolutions, but dig in and make it a way of life.

Wishing you a good New Year.

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