Jan 12, 2008


Help! I can't stop making, planning and thinking about making these!I put the snaps on these with those plier things they make for that. I tried sewing snaps on and then a yoyo with a button on it for accent. That was cute too! Now, I'm wondering how they would work if I put a button hole on the flap... I think they would make great little gifties. It could hold a Target gift card, movie money, a small pair of earrings. My teenage daughter could give these with a gift in for a friend's birthday. (She said I would have to use different fabric. She only liked the one with the owl, and I didn't put it in the right place for her...) I might add a loop to the side to put a key ring on (I would like one like that.) The pattern calls for two pockets semi sewn together for a coin section, I choose to make them without the coin section. I have a small zippered thing for coins. I wonder how many of these I'll have done by the end of the weekend...
There are some other tutorials and free patterns at www.Lazygirldesigns.com check them out.


Amy Jo said...

I KNOW... I am totally addicted to making these as well. Made two of them this weekend for my nieces...and wake up at night thinking of all of the possibilities. Love them.

Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Marcia,

Your Wonder Wallets are as cute as can be - both on this post and the Valentine's wallets. And those button topped yo-yo's make a fabulous detail for the cover.

Yep, I'm addicted, too. I keep finding more uses for them, and more fabric combinations, too.

Glad I'm not alone.

My best,
Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

Felicia said...

Those are such adorable wallets :)