Jan 14, 2008

More Baby Things

I knitted this little bonnet. It is a free pattern, I just made it without the ears or face on it. Then, I made bibs to match the burp cloths. Way to much fun!
Then, using the Winsome Baby Book, by Art to Heart, I made this diaper/wipe holder for in a tote bag. It is suppose to hold 2 diapers and a small box of wipes.
I made a frame in the fabric in the bib and small tote to showcase more of the animal print I had picked up. A little putzy, but worth the effect.


Kieny said...

You have kept yourself pretty busy Marcia and I love what you're doing. I should pick up my knitting needles again.

Danetta said...

Hey Marcia, thank you for telling me about this fabric. I found it today.

melissa said...

I love the little cap, so sweet!