Apr 25, 2008

Attic Finds

I worked in the attic again today, prior to going to "work". I found some more doll clothes that were crocheted. These were made just for these little dolls. Aren't they sweet? I even made little panties. I know I did these on a car trip we took somewhere. Some of the dresses are more like a swim suit with a skirt attached. I'll have to write the pattern down. I also found this vintage doll, my oldest daughter bought for me. I don't know what she is called. It seems silly to make doll clothes now that my girls are grown, but I'd like to clean up the dolls I've saved and make them clothes, and blankets to give to grandchildren to play with some day.
I did succeed in getting a large garbage bag full of stuff thrown out and 5 grocery bags full of stuff for the resale store in our area. I rediscovered so many "treasures" and memories. There is still much work to be done up there...I know I said I would post a before pic, but I'm too embarrassed.
I'll post a before when I have an after to show with it. Ü


Kieny said...

Those outfits are fun. I remember crocheting a lot of doll clothes in the seventies. Did you make those trousers and sleeveless blouse too? I love that outfit.

Marcia said...

No, My daughter bought her at the thrift store that way. I'll get around to making her some outfits someday. She is rather pretty. Needs her hair washed.

simplysewn said...

These remind me of some of the dolls I had as a girl. My mom is a knitter and crocheter as well as a sewer and made all my personal clothes as well as lots of clothes for my dolls and Barbies. My favorites were these gorgeous knitted (or maybe they were crocheted) gowns she made for my Barbie dolls. She saved them all these years until I had a daughter. Problem is....all boys! I gave my nieces the Barbie clothes and they got years of pleasure out of them.

Thanks for the memories.