Jul 29, 2008

Burp Clothes and a Onsie Dress

I was catching up on reading this morning at Posie Gets Cozy , she always writes so eloquently...she was talking about how nice it is to get the house picked up and then spend some unrushed time being creative. It is a rainy day here today, I got up early and followed her lead.
It was so nice to get back in my sewing room and just enjoy the morning.

My daughter's co-worker is expecting a baby. She is into Winnie the Pooh. I made her three burp cloths. These are so fun to make and look so much better that just using the cloth diaper as a burp towel. I used this tutorial.

Another friend had wanted me to make a baby dress for her. These little onsie dresses are just too cute!

I use the Once Upon A Onsie pattern by Linda Sherony, lsherony@aol.com The only change I made was by using ribbon around the waist instead of a cloth band. I really think the bow tie in the back makes it look more "girly" too.


Sherry said...

Those are both so cute!! I love the little dress!

Have a great day!

Amy Jo said...

Very Cute!!!

Liz said...

That dress is just too cute - I have that patterns as well, but I've never used a ribbon! What a good idea!

Penny said...

Hi Marcia, that dress is adorable!! the burp clothes too, but especially the dress....

Anonymous said...

I love how you added the ribbon onto the dress! I've made similar dresses before but, never thought of adding a ribbon...so cute!