Oct 6, 2008

Quilt Retreat

Lots of laughter, sewing, eatting, and a little sleeping at out quilting retreat this past weekend. The leaves have reached their peak colors, so it was beautiful. We had our first frost while there. Brrrr.

This is just one of the items I worked on this past weekend. I bought the panel last Fall. I hope to handquilt this piece. I haven't ever handquilted anything other than a sampler piece during a class. Hopefully, it will go well and I'll be snuggling under this beauty next Fall.


Gail :) said...

I love it! That panel is sooo cute! I can't wait to see the gorgeous quilting ;)

Amy Jo said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Frost?? brrrr..

The panel is so cute!

Liz said...

We haven't had any frost yet - my black-eyed susans still look lovely, though the hostas are looking a bit sad. I'm glad you had fun. The panel is adorable - where will you use it?

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Are you going to make a lapquilt out of the panel? It looks very cozy to me.

Sherry said...

What a fun weekend!! I love the panel, it is so cute!