Nov 3, 2008

A Great Weekend

The quilt show was wonderful. I took these pictures with my cell phone, so excuse how they look. All kinds of quilts so lovingly made hanging about. I had seen the convergence quilt before, but never dressed up like this one. It's difficult to see the little pebbles at the base of the tall grass, but the details really made this piece.
We live on the shore of Lake Superior, so this was my favorite piece overall. It just spoke to my heart. I was so amazed by the amount of creativity in the room. Besides all the wonderful quilts, it was great fun to bump into so many others who sew and quilt.

Speaking of fun, the "market" is something I always look forward too. I bought the supplies to make this pillow. Isn't it cute? You use crayons and heat on the muslin to get the colors.

I started mine yesterday. I have to get some more colors of DMC today. I'll never look at embroidery quite the same...Judy, from the Portage Quilt House, made this little pillow. She was selling the two coordinating fat quarters with the embroidery pattern.


Liz said...

That first quilt is stunning. It does remind me of these parts!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Great to see these pictures and I agree that first quilt is amazing. Is that all applique or did they use glue too, you think? Love your pillow! Are you going to put more embroidery on it?

Kristi said...

that stitching is too cute- and those quilts are amazing! wow!