Jan 27, 2009


At a quilt retreat I was at, one of the gals had a table top like this that her husband made for her sewing machine. Bruce didn't get mine done for Christmas, but he sure came through for my birthday. It's gonna make
free motion quilting alot easier for me. Another tip I found at the same quilt retreat were bedrisers for the cutting table. Not only does it make it more erganomical, but there is now more storage space in my tiny sewing room.
I'm trying to finish up this charm quilt that I started at the last retreat. Hope to have something pretty to show tomorrow.


sewtakeahike said...

Hi Marcia,
I have one of these tables on my wish list too! How sweet of your husband to make it for you for your birthday! Happy belated birthday to you!

Liz said...

I have a table like that made out of clear plastic and I love it! You'll love your's too - it makes big projects much esier.

Quiltsbybarb said...

Just another tip for leg extenders. If you have a table with the U shaped legs, like a banquet table, pieces of PVC pipe can be cut to the lengths needed when slipped over the ends of the legs to rise the table to the height you want it. I have a table raised in my sewing area next to my Statler long arm quilting machine with about 18" pipes so that I can stand and sew when I am waiting for my machine. Works great!

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