Feb 27, 2009

A forgotten Project

Way back in March of 2008, I started this Mystery Quilt with our Moda group. After completing the blocks from yesterdays post, I dug this project out and was surprised that I had quit working on it, when it was so close to being completed!I stared working on the last step of putting the blocks together. I think I will quilt this one myself. I'd really like to have it done by March 16th, so I can take it to show at our next meeting. I want to make pillow covers for my couch to match this one for Christmas time. You know how I am...I have lots of ideas, and not as much follow through...I'm working on it.


Liz said...

Good for you for to pull it out. I have a number of UFOs that I need to work on too. I love the colors you picked for this one.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

i love that it has an old-fashioned look to it. Pillows to match would be great.