Sep 18, 2009

More Vacation

I haven't done much sewing this Summer. A little knitting while riding in the car though.
Bruce and I went to Grand Marais on our way to the Bridge Walk this year. There is a very steep sand dune called the Log Slide, here. You can climb back up the dune, but Bruce and I would like to go back to take the walk along the 5 mile shore line here back to town. It's on the someday list.

We stopped at Taquamenon Falls on our way to the Bridge Walk. It's been two years since we'd been able to do that.

Our third Bridge Walk. Certificate number 17,738 and 17, 739. It was a nice crowd this year.
We took the boat over to Mackinaw Island. It was a perfect day. Just the right amount of sunshine. We rented bikes to ride around the Island.

A little biking, hiking, and shopping before we headed back home.


Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Hi Marcia, nice pictures. I remember this place from one of your earlier posts, one or two years ago.

Kim Bates said...

Looks like something Ken and I would love to do! I got a new bike to ride to work- I'll have to post some pics!

Liz said...

Sorry I missed you while you were on the island - I was in the Soo shopping. I'm glad you guys had a nice time.