Oct 20, 2009


We stopped at two quilt shops on our way home from Green Bay. Bruce even took some nice walks so I could browse. I couldn't resist this cute print. I bought some flannel for a backing to make a simple baby blanket. There should be enough for burp cloths too. I bought what she had of this print, but found it here with more prints by the same artist.

Who could resist these little bears, and turtles? Then, I found this worn out pig (Olivia) fabric....
Pillowcases.....it's all about pillowcases for me right now....I'm going to look for an Olivia book to pair up with these.

A friend of mine made pillowcases out of one fabric. (She still cut the cuff and sewed it on with some kind of accent stitching) The rose one is going to be for me. You can't see the detail on the other one from this picture, but this will become a set as a thank you for someone I know.

We also stopped at Quilts 'n Stuff, in Escanaba. I bought this pattern for an apron. The slit one is actually the back of the apron. It slips over your head. I didn't realize the store owner designed the pattern till this morning, when I was looking at the pattern better! She's a great gal. You can find this pattern for on line purchasing here.
She also sells scrap bags of fabric and her own tote patterns.You can see more about these here. I made up one and have a kit to make one more. There are plenty of my own scraps in my sewing room to play with too...I guess I'd better get busy!


Liz said...

I love that fabric you found - especially the Olivia. I've got two Olivia fans here. Did you know she has a TV show now?

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Very cute fabric!