Jun 28, 2010

Catching Up

I was without a camera for the last couple of days....My Wednesday flowers are done for last week...I missed that post. Two "garden" post this week for ya.

I have spent the last several days in my sewing room working on small projects. I now have WEEKS worth of Early Bird projects to share on Thursdays. There are so many unfinished projects taking up space in my sewing room ..... (You know exactly what I mean...) Anyway, since I was showing you flowers today, I thought I'd share this pillowcase. The next time I make this, I'm taking 2" off the original pattern. My pillows will fit into the cuff much better that way.
The original post with step by step instructions can be found here. I would make the top 20x28" and the bottom 20x36" the next time. (One yard would make a pillow case this way and not be so over generous in size. It would, of course, depend on the size of pillow you use.) Also, I think I'm going to fold down the top edge twice to cover the raw edges. It's a super easy, elegant pillowcase.

This one is going to have a pink crocheted edge. The bottom part of the pillow is done in a coordinating fabric. I purchased this 1 yard cut of floral at the Chicago Quilt Show. Love it!

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Sandra Henderson said...

Oh how I adore these pillowcases! :) so lovely.
I drooled over the tutorial for these. This fabric is so yummy and how dreamy to lay your head on it! :)
Love your flowers!!!!!!