Jun 10, 2010

Early Bird

I'm joining Judith over at Creative Studio in the hopes to be more "ready" for the Christmas Season this year. (It's also a great excuse to make small projects.....and, I love me some small projects!)

She asked that we first start by making a Christmas Book/Journal to put our list of people to make for and what we're planning to make them. This is my first attempt at one of these notebook covers. Years ago, I asked my mentor (Lisa B) to make up this to use as a knitting needle holder. I had the idea, but not the skills to make it. I guess I'm improving :).
It still needs some paper and dividers. I hope to keep my gift list, card list, favorite Holiday recipies and patterns.
This is my small gift idea. As the kids have gotten older, gift certificates/cards have been popular with them. I saw this idea to recycle Christmas cards to make a gift card holder here.

I cut mine 2.75" x 3.75" then did a zig zag around three sides using a varigated thread. I think I'll make up some of these and put them in a plastic envelope in my notebook.

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Tineke said...

wow, you really are an early bird! I love your bookcover - very well done.