Jul 1, 2010

Early Bird

The Pink Penguin, did a wonderful tutorial on making these fabric baskets. This one with the Christmas fabrics, is the size of the one in her tutorial.

I enjoyed it so much, that I played around with size and ended up with these other two. The top one will most likely go to a neighbor with popcorn, candy and movie gift certificate for Christmas.

I envision the other two with bath products or manicure items as a gifty for a friend. Would be cute with a small knitting project (a skein of sock yarn and size 2 needles). So many potentials.

My favorite size is the middle one. For this one, I cut fabric:

After piecing some fabric together I cut two 3.25" x 12", the onsnaburg, that I used for the base, was cut 8 x 12. The small handles are essentially the same size. It's a very fun way to use scraps.


ayumills said...

Oh these are really neat!! I am sure the recipients will love these fabric baskets filled with goodies inside!! I need to start making things for Christmas too!

Judith Tetley said...

Wonderful little treasures for your Christmas Crafting box Marcia. Well done!
From: Judith