Jul 22, 2010

Early Bird

I first saw these earring holders over at Handmade Mommy's blog. Her tutorial is here.

This is a great gift idea for using scraps of fabric. It involves no sewing. I made my first two following the tutorial exactly.
The next three I used foamcore and pins. A friend showed me how to do this. It makes a great difference in how nicely it stretches and stays in place.

Instead of the glass, use foamcore cut just slightly small than the glass in the frame. (I'm sure a local frame shop would help you with this.) The pins just slide in.

My daughter wants to make some for her friends for Christmas too.

Using a larger frame, you could have two or three rows of ribbon for hanging earrings on.
I have seen this done with screening attached to the frame, and over at


Sandra Henderson said...

Wonderful idea! You are going to have the best Christmas ever!
While we're all running around, you'll be sipping eggnog by the fire. :)

Kim Bates said...

Those are so fun! I've wanted to try this, too- thanks for the tips!

Judith Tetley said...

Oh my...these are gorgeous!!! What a great way to; not only store earrings but to enjoy them as a Home Decor item as well.
Great project.
Kind Regards

Liz said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,

Just checked out your blog. This is a really neat idea and I love the foamcore. You are always busy, busy doing something. Joanie