Jul 5, 2010

A Special Gift

My grandmother was married to my grandpa (a railroad engineer) at the age of 16. They had 10 children and 25 grandchildren. They were married just shy of 75 years when they died. Both of them lived into their 90's. Grandpa always lovingly called grandma his "Jennie Sue".
My Grandma gave my sister and I a love for crocheting and knitting. She was always working on something. Shirley recently went to the family reunion and brought back this great apron made by my Aunt Iszie.

Aunt Iszie had been collecting recipies (in my grandmother's hand writting) for this special project. She made several different versions with different accents.

I have such a thoughtful sister to bring me one back since I wasn't able to attend.


traceyjay said...

what a legacy. 10 children!?! wow.

Sandra Henderson said...

What a true life romance! Such a lovely story. Thank you for sharing. Oh, how I love old recipes and to be able to have one in her handwriting is so wonderful. I just mentioned finding where I'd made a note on one in a cookbook, and that I do this. I think our recipes are as much a part of our legacy as our needlework.. Lovey post! XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia, This is such a wonderful gift from your sister. To think your grandparents were married for 75 years! I've never known anyone who has been married that long. Beautiful!! Joanie