Sep 19, 2010


For the first time in many years, we took our camper out to a site in Grand Marais, Michigan. Grand Sable Dune is there. Along the dune is a "log slide" which is now really just a very steep descent to Lake Superior.
You can tell just how steep it is from this pic. We took our time going down so we could enjoy the view.

This is a shot of the Grand Sable Dune on the way down. It was too cool for a swim, but perfect weather for walking. It took us just over three hours to walk along the shore back to our campsite.
This was the view of Lake Superior from our camper window. There is a nice little town there with a great micro brewery. We took our bikes and had a great time.

Next time, we'll go earlier in the Summer, when we can take the whole day to swim and meander back.


traceyjay said...

it's gorgeous! How fun...

the hubs and I want to get a little camper of some sort... well, mostly me because tents and babies is not my favorite combination. Hopefully next summer! :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard swimming in Lake Superior was good this year , warm enough to swim in . I bet it is still cold in early summer. B.