Mar 23, 2011

snowbound quilts

Our Moda Club Group participated in Bunny Hill's free block of the month. There were more participants than pictured here, but these were the ones I took that weren't blurred from my i-phone.....

I did mine with embroidered snowmen and color crayons. I'm sorry that I didn't use a darker
background to show off the snowmen better...lesson learned.

Same pattern, but so many different quilts. I don't have the names of each of the gals that completed these, but it sure was fun to see them all.
You can see morer of Bunny Hill's Snowbound quilts and blocks at the


Sandra Henderson said...

Such pretty quilts! I need to do more with the irish chain incorporated in quiltw, such a nice effect!
I still cant get over those lovely photos below!
So nice to catch up on your blog today while i am in town on high speed internet at the hotel. I miss not getting by to see you as often... Xo

Liz said...

I love how they are all so different!