Nov 15, 2007

Da Boy

My son is leaving next week. He's moving all the way to California for the Winter Season. He just graduated this past year. An avid snowboarder, he will be working at a ski hill in Tahoe. I made him this quilt - which was my first quilt- to take so he would feel wrapped in the love of his family. (Can you tell it is going to be a little traumatic for me to let him go...)

I'm going to miss him, but he has longed to do this for years. It should be a grand adventure.

Here are some quilt details: I chose the fabric to match his love of the outdoors. It is the 3-6-9 Quilt Pattern


rohanknitter said...

That's a great quilt - I love the cabin fabric. Sounds like he's going to a job he'll love.

amandajean said...

this quilt is beautiful. very nice and masculine.