Dec 13, 2007

One more Bed Caddy

Completed Edmond's bedside caddy. I put a flash light and some favorite candy in it before packing it up to make it's way out West. I hope all three boys feel the love and like them. Edmonds is made from leftover fabric from his quilt.
It's probably way too much matchy stuff for boys to like....

My daughter is asking for one now. She thinks it would be a great place to keep her cell phone at night.

Christmas sure won't be the same without the boy home. I am so very happy for him to have this opportunity.


Amy Jo said...

I like the bedside caddy - would be great for my eyeglasses at night!

Kieny said...

Thanks for your comment. I tried to email you back but your mail is on no-reply. Nice bedside caddy I might make one myself.