Jan 28, 2008

A Great Day Off

I went to the Library today. I'm pages away from being done with book 8. Everyone I read I think is the funniest. Janet Evanovich, is a hoot. Her characters make me laugh out loud. Sometimes I have to stifle my laughter. (Like when the hubby is sleeping and I'm reading.)

With the help of my craftroom fairy, block 11 is done! Isn't she adorable.

My friend Lisa, made her for me. I move her around my room from time to time. Lisa even knitted her little sweater.
Today I completed my doll clothes swap outfit. The little tote helped to set the outfit off. I knitted the bodice and added some crochet edging. There are three snaps in the back.
This is the lining in the little tote. Too cute! I have three other gals to swap with and the sponsor of the swap is collecting an outfit for a donation to a local women's shelter . I'm working on the third bodice. All the dress parts are sewn and ready to attach. I think I'm going to make the deadline. Time permitting, I'm going to knit some little undies too.

I spared you more Wonder Wallet pictures....But, yes, I'm still making them! Love it!


Kieny said...

Everything in your pictures looks so great: your block, and the doll's outfit! And that little totebag is so cute! Love the fairy your friend made.

Amy Jo said...

Your blocks look great. I can't wait to get back to working on mine!