Jan 19, 2008

I won!

I actually won a drawing! It was in celebration of AmyJo's 100th posting.
I have been checking her site since discovering it during the Quilt A Long.Not only does the woman sew, but she stamps. Aren't these great little cards! Oh, they make me so happy! It all makes me happy!
As if that wasn't enough...she beads! She made me this wonderful necklace. You would all be crying with laughter if you could have seen me trying to take this picture.....
I don't know how those teenagers do all those self portraits! It doesn't help that the "old woman" I see in the photo is not the young girl I think I am! I deleted about 10 and settled for this one. Saturday I turn 49! I remember when I thought that was really old. Next year I'll be half way to a Smucker's Jar!


Danetta said...

I love that you won! Such pretty things she gifted you. I found you because of the quilt a log too. I love that you tried the self portrait. I love that you said half way to a Smucker's jar. I sit here laughing as I type this. I tried taking a picture of myself with a new haircut recently and it was not easy to do. Then I saw the wrinkles up close and wouldn't you know it, next month I will be half way to a Smucker's jar.

Amy Jo said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies!! And I think the picture looks great! Half way to a Smuckers jar - that made me laugh!! Have a nice weekend.

Kieny said...

Congratulations on your win and such nice gifts she send you. I think your picture actually looks great Marcia.

amandajean said...

half-way to a smuckers jar. LOL

you got a great package from a great lady. amy jo is the best!

your self portrait is wonderful. I have tried to take some of those and they are NOT easy. :)