Jan 8, 2008


Block 7 today! I'm catching up. Hope to get block 8 done later this week.

Working on my goals for the year. Weight is down a little. Started exercising....wow, there are alot of muscles I hadn't heard from in a long time. It doesn't hurt to climb the stairs, but the going down takes a bit...

I'm following the Biggest Loser Plan. Yesterday I broke open the Biggest Loser Exercise DVD. It is very cool. There are options for workouts. They encourage you to do workouts 1 & 3 one day then 2 & 4 the next day for 6 weeks. Then, there is a 20 min "Boot Camp" workout on there somewhere and a way for you to compose your own workout. Definitely worth buying. If my thighs could talk, they'd advise against it!

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Amy Jo said...

The block looks good!! And good for you on the weight - I need to do the same. I like the idea of DVD and I LOVE that show. And also, I just got my patter for the wonder wallet. I. love. it. Just finished the first one - easy peasy. There will definately be more of these in my future!