Feb 7, 2008

The Last Block

Block 12 is D - O - N - E ! Yeah! (I had to do this one twice cause I messed it up the first time...) I only made one of each block. I'm thinking about sashings, but have never done that before...something else new to try... I'll have to research this a little more. I'm hoping to have this project completely done by the end of the month. There, I said it, now I have to make it true... After, I completed block 12, I worked on something I've been thinking about for some time now, the Just a Jotter, by Bits 'n Pieces. (I checked their website, but couldn't find the pattern there.) I need to buy a special pen for this, but wanted to take a pic of it today.
There is a pocket on the flowered side for a tablet. While doing this project, I learned alot about how I would do it different the next time, but there will
be more of these. I think they would make great little gifties don't you?


Kim Bates said...

Love this! I just saw a smaller version on Flickr that I would like to try. It would be great for inside the purse. Love your fabric choices, too!

Amy Jo said...

Just catching up on my blogging. Love the pad of paper holder. With a matching wallet...ohh, it'd be pretty!