Feb 9, 2008

A Day In My Room

I belong to a Moda Club at a local quilt shop. We're making this Mystery Quilt. We meet the third Wednesday of every month, so now I'm not going to be up all night the night before cutting this out! Our first assignment was to just cut the strips. I love the colors of these fabrics.
I know, but I can't seem to get enough of these Wonder Wallets. I did some with the velcro closures, but I think I like the ones with snaps best. I poke a hole through the fabric and then align the snap with the hole.
Completed one more item that has been taking up space around here. Our old neck warmer (microwave flaxseed), got torn apart. I used the old one as a base for this one. I was able to save some of the sented filling. The fabric is from a trip on a Thrifty Tuesday. I really want to make several of this pattern.


Kieny said...

I have to try those wonder wallets one day, they are great! If I only had more time.

Kim Bates said...

I love those Wonder Wallets, too! and I agree, the snaps are better, velcro gets ugly after awhile.
Moda club sounds fun! I wish I had time for that, too. Maybe I should just start something similar at the Gallery...hmmmmm

Amy Jo said...

Love the snap idea. I might have to give that a try!