Feb 12, 2008

You Make My Day

Elizabeth, at Oh Fransson! tagged me with this award! Have you seen what Elizabeth did for the Vintage Pillow Case Challenge? Amazing, I tell you! She makes wonderful baby quilts. I ordered a purse from her Etsy store for a Christmas present. I am very humbled.

This award is then to be forwarded to 10 people whose blog brings you inspiration & happiness. I am very pleased (In no particular order) to pass this award to:
AmandaJean, Amy Jo, Lynn, Alison, Kieny, Kim, Jessica, Regina, Amy
and Liesl.

You gals always inspire me with what you make. I'm so happy to have you to share all things fiber with. "You Make My Day"


Kim Bates said...

Thanks Marcia!!! I'm honored! Let's keep inspiring each other!!
You're awesome!

Regina said...

Thanks Marcia!!!You are so very kind and I really appreciate that!

Have a wonderful day!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! The photo frames are from www.heatheranndesigns.com. I used Photoshop Elements to add them to my pictures and then uploaded the pictures to Blogger.

Love your blog!

Amy Jo said...

Thank you so much Marcia!! You are so sweet!!