Mar 27, 2008

Almost Spring

I'm so kicking myself for not taking a before picture of this. I was teaching my daughter's friend to knit... Somehow the straps didn't end up being in the correct place and the bag turn out way too big and misshaped... It was so bad I put it in a bag for weeks to think about how to save the project. Today was the day. I sewed up the sides on my machine, cut the bulk of the wonky sides right off. Cut the straps off, shortened them and sewed them back on in a more correct place. I reinforced the machine stitching with yarn stitching. It went back in the washing machine for two cycles and came out a saved project! ÜI do plan to line this and put a few pockets in it as well. I can hardly wait for Samantha to see it.

It's been awhile, I couldn't resist making a few wonder wallets today. I've had so much fun giving them to co-workers and friends for birthday presents. I admit it...I'm a wonder wallet addict!

It's hard to believe how fast this week has flown by. Spring is so close, but not yet here. I can hardly wait to walk outside without fear of falling on the ice, to drive with the car window down, to not have to wear boots, to see things sprouting from the ground. Thanks so much, all of you that share bits of Spring on your blogs. It won't be long before we'll be enjoying it too.


Amy Jo said...

Love the bag, and good save. I always enjoy when I can save a project! The wallets are great - I too, love them! Hopefully spring is coming here, too. More snow last night - only 1-2". Sun is shinning today, and flowers are starting to come up!

Lily Boot said...

Well done! I think dodgy projects need a long period of hiding before your can contemplate a fix! It all sounds like you had to be very brave - whacking off the knitting - shudder! warm regards, lily