Mar 7, 2008

Favorite Friday Blog Links

Continuing the Favorite Friday theme, I came across some great stuff this week visit blogs. Now, if I could only spend more time working on projects....

Check out this furniture redo....done with fabric! JCaroline has lots of tutorials listed in her blog.

Jellywares linked to this great list of tutorials. She made an adorable little bib/apron for a wee one from the list.

On the January 9th 2008, post Chickpea Sewing Studio, had a downloaded bib pattern available. I really like the shape of this bib. The parts that go around the neck are a little wider than the pattern I currently use. I think it will make for easier turning and an overall neater look to the completed project.

This free baby Mary Jane knitting pattern. I haven't personally tried this yet, but they are on my list.

This great little embroidery project. I found it at Heather Hale Designs blog. It looks so much like Spring.

I really enjoyed the Month of February as done at Sew, Mama Sew's blog. Now they have set the whole month links up on one tidy little page to use as a future reference. I have to order from them soon. I really love what they are all about over there.The whole Quilting Month At A Glance from Sew, Mama, Sew.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Thanks for the great links.
I have been to a few of them, but I saw some new names, too.

Oh, and you can't go wrong at Sew Mama Sew...great fabrics and great customer service.

Kimberly :)

Katie said...

oh, thanks for all the links! more stuff to add to my very long list!

Lina said...

Great links - I especially love the little lamb in your sidebar, I hadn't come across this one before!

Heather said...

thanks for linking to my embroidery tutorial!

mushroommeadows said... cool is this! I love free downloads and tutorials! Nice job...really. :)

Kieny said...

Thanks for all the links Marcia! I'll email you later this weekend.

Kim Bates said...

How do you find all these great links? Thanks for sharing!!! I love the bib that ties in the back. I may try that one.