Mar 18, 2008


I found this new flicker group through Turkey Feathers blog today. They ask you to take a pledge to not buy anything new for one complete or work with what you have and post what you accomplish at this flicker site. There are some very creative post there. Lots of inspiration to browse through.
This is a pic out my back window this morning. It's snowing again! I'm so jealous of all the Spring pics I see at everyone else's blogs.

I have been knitting, but mostly resting as I had a relapse of the cough again.


Kieny said...

That Flickr group is not for me Marcia. I'm leaving for Portland and San Francisco on Monday and I intend to hit the quilt stores while I'm over there;-)

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Marcia, what a lovely pic of the snow. Will check out the flicker now. Just wanted to let you know that i recieved the alphabet fabric that you pointed me in the right direction for.
Sarah x