Apr 15, 2008

Follow Through!

It's done. So many options...I will definitely do this again. It could be a great little beach bag too with some more modifications.

While I was outside taking the picture of my bag, couldn't resist a quick pic of our little mini, Rhett.
He's one happy boy to see the snow rapidly melting.

Tonight, I'm finishing the purple baby sweater. Hopefully I'll have my lunchbox swap to show you tomorrow too. I'm on a roll!


Oiyi said...

What a cute and useful bag.

Kim Bates said...

Oh, he's so cute! Someday I will have a dog like that but I'm enjoying not worrying about Bea...and I'm not home enough right now.
Nice bag, too! You just do everything! I can't knot or crochet!

Philigry said...

oh, i love the bag, and the doggie!

Penny said...

Hi Marcia,
Great work with your bag!! I love the colors you chose! I don't know why but the things I wear tend to be brown or black but the things I make tend to be pastels or bright colors. Hum, not sure what's going on with that?