Apr 14, 2008

Market Bag

I haven't crocheted in awhile. (I learned when I was 7 from my sister.)
A dear friend gave me this wonderful crochet hook for a gift. When I saw this over the weekend, I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful it was. The pattern happened to call for a hook just this size! I got out some Sugar and Cream... I'm thinking about a fabric band with 20" (straps so it will go over my shoulder). It's tempting to give it a generouse lining that will expand as well....That's a project for another day.

While taking this pic of the fabric that inspired the color choice of cotton, I rediscovered this vintage sheet I just used a portion of....Now there are more decisions. . .
As Penny, says in her post, she modified this pattern to make her bag. I only make things for myself and as gifts. If you don't crochet, and are as taken with them as I am, check out Penny's ETSY shop. I saw she just posted some for sale. It's a great take on the pattern, simple and wonderful. Way to go Penny!

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Liz said...

It is lovely - what a great bag it will be.