Jun 27, 2008

Favorite Friday Blog Finds

As I was hanging clothes on the line yesterday, I decided the very next thing I'm going to make is my own version of this clothespin apron. I love the whole idea of it. I've blogged about this in the past, it's time to get it done!

A big thank you to Lisa for being so patient. There is defintely some chocolate headed your way for my tardiness. I've really been enjoying the kitchen things you sent me.

Just a few Favorite Links this week:

This quick little idea for a silverware/napkin holder is worth passing on.

Scrubbie pattern posted here.

A little something for the soul from Sewtakeahike. This little gem came at just the right time this week and has given me much to reflect upon.

A huge time saver from blogger. Now I can easily see when someone writes a new post right from my own blog.


Penny said...

Hi Marcia, I cannot.wait to see your new clothespin apron!!! I'm contemplating hanging a retractable line on my back deck to hang sheets and towels. Although I despised hanging laundry when I was a kid, there really is something therapeutic about it!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Very cute your clothespin apron. All of a sudden they are popping up all over the blogs. Thanks for the Friday links. I haven't had time yet to check them out.

Oiyi said...

I want to see your version of the clothespin apron. That pic is so cute! Too bad I don't have a clothes line.

Kim Bates said...

Look at how busy you are! Love that clothespin apron- too cute. The link to the silverware doesn't work for me- it gets me to some Charter thing. Is it me???
The mosquitoes are soooo bad here, too! Have to RUN inside before they carry you away!

Sherry said...

I love that cloths pin apron!! I don't have anywhere to put a clothes line but I could think of other things to use that handy dandy cutie for! I can't wait to see yours when your done!!

Have a wonderful day!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Can't wait to see your peg apron - my grandmother had one mcuh like the one you pictured!