Jun 5, 2008

New Addition

The "wheels have been turning" here. I got the best news this week... My nephew and his wife are adopting a baby. She (it's a girl!) will be here the end of the month. So instead of 40 weeks to get ready, we now have 4 weeks. (Of course, we have been waiting years for just such a blessing.)

I have a hat knit (It just needs flowers attached), and a pink sweater started. Hope to get a bath blanket, a flannel blanket, bibs, onsie dress, and another hat done before June 30th. I've packed all my works in progress away to focus only on our brand new addition to the family! Oh, and burp rags! So many projects... What's your favorite baby girl project?

There is one current project I'm very excited about completing though. I did sign up for a kitchen swap at Pink Petal Designs. What a great idea for a swap. My swap partner is Lisa , it's such a fun way to make new blog friends. I have some great ideas for this swap.

Speaking of blog friends, Sherry sent me this pack of flannel squares from her Terrific Tuesday Giveaway. Once I have sufficiently gifted my new grand niece, I'll be making a quilt for charity with this packet. Thanks Sherry.

Sherry is hosting a Wizard of Oz Swap so check it out. My little "Dorothy" is just about to turn 17, but she still loves the Wizard Of Oz. I'm gonna have to participate in this swap!

Her friend, "Glenda" just graduated from High School this past week....they grow up way to fast!


Sherry said...

Congratulations on the new baby!! How exciting and a girl too!!

Amy Jo said...

What wonderful news!!! It's great news, and you're going to be kept so busy making pretty, pink and purple frilly things!! How fun!

Liz said...

Yeah! Adoption is SUCH a wonderful thing! I still remember the day we picked my brother up at the airport...

Kieny said...

Wonderful news Marcia! This will keep you busy in coming months.

Philigry said...

oh, that is such a blessing! she is going to be a lucky little girl. I always love making blankets with a nice ruffle for a little girl.
I can not wait to see all of your projects!