Aug 1, 2008

Favorite Friday Blog Links

Step 4 of mystery quilt was completed this week...80 blocks added on to. I'll keep working on it and hopefully have something pretty to show soon.

I was linked to this wallet tutorial through VM Jess, a blog I normally read. This gets added to my list of things to make this Fall.


Kim Bates said...

Hey Marcia! I've seen that wallet tutorial and want to make one, too! Let's do it together and see what happens- let me know when you want to start- no rush.
And- Linda Sherony is a good friend of mine!!! I used to live in LaCrosse and we did many things together- crafting and shows, Pampered Chef and much more. I love her onesie dress pattern! Somewhere in my pictures I have some that I made. Too funny- small world!

Jessica said...

Hummm, I'm looking forward to what this mystery quilt will look like. I do love the colors very much!