Sep 12, 2008

Favortie Friday Blog Finds

No pictures here today. I'm getting all the house work caught up, then some SERIOUS sewing is going to start happening around here. These are a few links that caught my eye this past week. Enjoy your weekend.

Family fun has a whole list of different types of Fall Crafts. Enjoy it here.
This notebook cover is too cute with the button and loop closure.
This purse organizer looks easy, yet very functional.
This wrist pin cushion could be just the thing!
A set of these little notecards would be a great way to use up scraps.

This coming week, I'm taking on my sewing room...dumping out the whole thing to reorganize (pack) it back in. Wish me luck...


Kim Bates said...

ok- good luck cleaning! I actually like doing that- the sewing room clean!
I had to shorten that christening dress this morning. The mom is much happier and it still looks great. I did make a bonnet from the same material and lace. I have seen the patterns for the hanky bonnet and probaly the poem at one time, to, but can't remember it!
Hve fun cleaning!!!

Philigry said...

, good luck. something about doing something like this is so refreshing!

Lisa said...

Good luck on the sewing room cleanout! And when you are finished... could you come do mine???

Sue said...

Enjoy straightening out your sewing room. I did this recently and was so happy to find things that I just could not locate!!! Have fun!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Good luck with all the cleaning and reorganizing!
Try to have some fun too.