Sep 3, 2008

Look what came in the mail Wizard of of Swap! And, wow, what a swap! My Lizzy is really a Wizard of Oz fan, so Pam, added her name on the red shoes in this print...(the artist is my swap partner!)Pam sent all sorts of other goodies...The button says "If the shoes fit".
The tags have all different sayings on them. The one with the green hands reaching for the Ruby Red Slippers says "It's all about the shoes" Too Cute! She made me earrings with "ruby red" beads. Because she's an artist, and I'm a nurse, she sent me one of her prints about nurses that she personalized.

Check out her blog, she has some fun Fall prints. I've gotta find a site for her cards.

I have the sewing for my swap done, but don't want to post and spoil the surprise before she gets it.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely swap goodies! Lizzy is a very talented artist - love her captions.

Kristi said...

what great art work! you are the swapping queen! love it. oh- and I love the photo of your daughter in the green dress a few posts back. gorgeous!

susan said...

wow! what a lucky girl you are, what a load of treasures!!!! i love the paper doll!