Sep 2, 2008


I was digging for something in my new bag Liz had given me yesterday and came across these flower seed packets she made. Aren't they great. Looks like she free motioned the names of the flowers and tucked the seeds in the ribbon....what a great idea. Thanks Liz! I should've dug deeper in the bag yesterday so you could see the delight on my face when discovering them.Speaking of gifts....Penny at Sewtakeahike, sent me this wonderful bag. She blogged about making them here with a link to the pattern she used to crochet the bag itself. I really admired how she took this basic pattern and jazzed it up so simply. Thanks so very much Penny.
The cloth handles give it so much more style and the color options....She even makes these great little leather tags that give it a very professional touch.
I noticed she has another one in her etsy shop. Her color combos are too sweet.


Penny said...

I'm so glad you like it Marcia!

Liz said...

I had such a nice time with you too! I'm glad you found the seeds - I had fun free-motioning the names. The kids LOVED the wash cloths - especially the princess one - it was S's favorite!