Dec 12, 2008

Holiday Projects

I made this key fob following the tutorial at J Caroline. (I really do make some of the things I link to...) ÜMy oldest daughter has a mini dog like this. She works as a stylist and is gifting her co-workers my bandaid bags filled with the kinds of bandaids they like to use when the accidentally snip their fingers. I made 10 more of these yesterday.

These are made following the directions for the wonder wallet, only I used pieces that were 5X5, and 5X9. I used a stiff interfacing as well.
I made a couple of extras for some of my pals too. I love this crafting stuff!


Philigry said...

i love those! what a great, quick goft idea!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I recently bought some of that exact fabric to make some little first aid kits with. Your little pouches look great!

Amy Jo said...

I love the doggy fabric - it's right up my alley! Where did you get it????? I love it!! and the bandaid pouch is great. Perfect for stylists.

You are so creative.