Feb 25, 2009

Baby Gifts

When I first started to sew again, a dear friend taught me how to make these bath blankets. I have so many co-workers expecting and want to shower them and their new babies with love. I'm hoping to do a bath blanket, sweater and burp cloths for most of them.Now that I've rediscovered how fun these are to make, I'll be making quite a few more.I'm trying to work on my stash and these are both from stash. One way or another, I'm getting my sewing room cleaned out...what a better way than to actually use what's in there instead of just adding to the stash!

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sewtakeahike said...

Cute Marcia! I've made a couple of these recently for a couple of friends but followed a little different design. I think I might like yours better! Thanks for the ideas!