Feb 20, 2009

Favorite Friday Blog Finds

As if I don't have enough projects started already....I can't resist hopping on this paper piecing adventure. Maybe I can wittle my scrap bags down some..... It's going to be a block of the month. This link will only be good through the end of February. Shirley, are you up to playing along too?

I've been having way too much fun making pillowcases these days. This one is for a co-workers little boy. If I spent as much time working on projects as I do surfing the web, I'd accomplish alot more. Here's what I found this week that I liked.

This idea for extention cord storage, is very pretty and involves recycling.

Cloth/"green" snack bags. Why not make these and throw in the washer with kitchen towels? It's a great idea.

This Sugar Cookies Table Runner, from Moda is very cute.

Crazy Mom Quilts did a super post about scrap managment.


Kieny The Dutchlady said...

That's exciting! Are you going to do Anina's Geese in a Forest?

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I just checked Anina's blog are you doing the "nothing but scraps"?

Marcia said...

I'm going to try to do the whole thing out of scraps...we'll see, I'm not that good with color...