May 19, 2009

It's all about cupcakes

I recently made this above cupcake knitted hat for a co-worker. She is going to have a granddaughter. Her grandson loves cupcakes, so she is putting a cupcake gift bag together for him to give his new sister when she arrives. After I did the hat, I found some great cupcake fabric and made
some cupcake burp cloths and a cupcake bib.

I couldn't resist doing a little cupcake onsie as well. I have a few months yet...any other cup cake ideas out there? I bet her grandma calls her "cupcake" as a nic name when she gets here.

Lolly Chops recently did a weeks worth of posting about cupcakes. You should stop in and take a peak at her stuff.


Anonymous said...

These are adorable and I can tell you had a ton of fun sewing these projects. You have been really busy and the fabrics are terrific! Joanie

Maggie said...

SO cute!

Sue said...

Beautiful baby gifts, great job!