Dec 9, 2009

Gotta Love a "Snowday"

All our schools are closed. It was my day off anyway, but I still like being "snowed in", and able to work on projects. I have one of three Dharma Eco-Friendly Bags No. 96 done.
The bag folds up into the pocket, to put in your purse or car. This is the medium sized one.
I had to just take the directions one step at a time. It was a little confusing, but worked out perfect!Enough fabric for two more, so you will see this again...Ü Crap! I just realized I made the pleat go the wrong way!!!!!!! ugh! Oh, well, I'll do the next one right!
Still working on reindeer food for some neighborhood kids, but some co-workers came over to help me make 125 packets for the children/grandchildren of co-workers on my unit. This is a yearly tradition for me. Snowman soup for neighber kids is still on my to-do list.Two more therapy bags. One for my son and another for a friend of his. These are 7x14. I like them better that size.
Back to my machine. I'm going to enjoy this day!

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Liz said...

I love the reindeer food and those bags are great. I love the folding into a pocket idea.