Jan 26, 2010

A new tote

My sister, Shirley had purchased this gift of charms, coordinating fabric and This & That Pattern, as an exchange gift we did at a quilt retreat last year. I was the lucky recipient of it.
At this past quilt retreat, it became my newest tote. (I admit it....I'm a bag lady...) I love to have each project I'm knitting on in it's own bag. This particular bag is called Mom and Me.
I didn't put the outside pocket on it. It's a generous sized tote.

Speaking of knitting...My sister has completed her red scarf and mine is now half way done. Have to kick it in high gear as I plan to mail them out the end of the week.


Kim Bates said...

Nice bag Marcia! I am going to my quilt retreat this weekend- can't wait! I'm working on a couple of bags right now at the studio- will post pics when they are done. Did you get a lot of snow?

Amy Jo said...

absolutely beautiful Marcia!!!! love this bag!!!