Jan 27, 2010

Quilts for Kids

I did NOT make this cute quilt. But, a fellow quilter brought it recently to a Moda Meeting. She told us about this group call Quilts For Kids. When you go to their site, you can sign up to have a kit sent to you. Their kit includes the back, all the materials to make a quilt except the batting, your time to sew it and quilt it.

Her's was adorable. I went home that night to sign up for a kit. I signed up on 1/20/10. Today, 1/27/10, I received my kit.

It came by UPS. The tag says "For every kit we send out, please consider including one or more of your own creations so we can double or triple the amount of children we wrap a quilt around!"
Look at these wonderful fabric! I can hardly wait to get started! It came with instructions and a quilt label. I hope you will consider helping them out too.

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lissa said...

That is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.