Apr 18, 2010

Chicago Quilt Show 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Chicago Quilt Show by some of my friends. Six of us gals made the trip. It was full of great fellowship, laughter, and shopping! I did take some time to view the quilts (After all it was a quilt show...) I'm no expert, but these were my favorites.

Tops on my list was this one....it made me think of Charlotte's Web. I kept thinkin "That's some pig!"

These two reminded me of where I live....Both beautiful woodsy quilts.

This was just awww....beautiful. How do they make quilts that look like paintings?

And, this of course, was from someone out West. It reminded me of our vacation and where my son lives.
So Florida like. Just look at that shading! Amazing work. I'll show you some of my "treasures" tomorrow.


traceyjay said...

wow! those are gorgeous! and isn't that pig just too cute...

Kim Bates said...

I've gone to that show many times- but not this year. Love the pig! How did you find the vendors? It's just one big giant quilt store!!!