Jul 16, 2010

Favorite Friday Blog Finds

Check out the update portion of this post. It shows a neat way to make pinwheels from two charms. I played with it with several 5" charms. It worked great. I was making a dog bed for a friend's tea cup chiwawa....Tank! It has a little place that he can crawl into to sleep if he wants.

I think Tank likes his new little bed. It has a zipper so it can come off for washings.

By using this same method of making pinwheels, you could make a zig zag quilt top easier too.

A very cool dragonfly craft.

Blueberry Moon has several posts (linking to each other) with pattern templates you can print to make adorable doll outfits. She has a great doll quilt pattern here.

This Mama Makes Stuff has a printable pattern and instructions for making cute little bloomers for a real baby 0-3months.


Sandra Henderson said...

Love what you made. When I clicked on the link , it didn't take me anywhere... I have been having fun making pinwheels also!!! :)
HAd to take a break from them while I hand quilt, but can't wait to get back to doing more. Ihave them all cut and about 1/3 sewn. XO

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my gosh! I went and checked out the other links and they are SO neat!!!! Wonderful!

Sandra Henderson said...

Thank you SO much!!!! WOW! I'm honored. Your pup is adorable!