Sep 12, 2010

Bobbin Work

My friend Rose, was teaching this class at our Guild "School House" on Saturday. Sooooooo glad I took her class. This first picture is of her work. (My favorite) She used bobbin work to accent the tree and branches.
This, more simple project, was for us beginners. She sent these out as her Christmas cards last year. She used Razzle Dazzle in her bobbin, bypassed the tension and used a monofiliment to sew with. You are actually sewing on the back of the fabric to make the design. I was able to make two cards, and then I tried a tree on a piece of fabric to use for a pincushion or center of a pillow. Very fun! I have some embroidery designs I'm planning to try it with using peal cotton in my bobbin.

Rose said she uses this technique to write names on baby bibs, blankets, shirts etc. You can applique something and then do bobbin work around the outside......the possibilities! Thanks Rose!

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traceyjay said...

I'm impressed. I've never heard of anything like this before!

I hope I can start taking quilting classes here soon... maybe I hsould talk to my quilt shop about providing child care! ;)