Sep 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This is our fourth annual Bridge Walk. We made the walk in 1 hour and 34 minutes this year. We weren't trying to beat any certain time, it's just the amount of time it took us to walk it.
Thousands of people who cross the Mackinaw Bridge each year on Labor Day. This year, it was reported that 42,000 of us walked the Bridge.

The Mackinaw Bridge has been open to traffic since 11/1/1957. Construction started in 1954.
It is currently the third largest suspension bridge in the world, and is 5 miles long.

After our walk, we got on the ferry to Mackinaw Island. It's a 16 minute boat ride. We rented bikes and road around the Island. There are no cars on the Island. Only bikes and horses. It's a very fun place to visit. Liz, from the Quilted Turtle lives year round on Mackinaw Island. Check out her blog.

Some sewing and knitting was accomplished in the car, so I should have fiber/fabric related posts soon.

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Kim Bates said...

Good for you! Looks like a fun time! I'm impressed!