Nov 14, 2011

Alien Hat!

When my daughter said she wanted an Alien hat, I thought ick! I didn't want to invest the time into it, but this sure turned out cute. She is super happy with it.

I used this basic pattern (knit in the round though). Then took pieces of wool, used fray check on the edges and sewed it to the hat. Still thinking about adding pompons to the straps, but she says she likes it like it is. I'm thinking little silver pompons would be really cute though.....just saying!


Noel Wright said...

cute hat! I've made several of the same ear flap hat patterns. My problem and it may be my gauge, but the ear flaps part always cover my cheeks rather than my ears. Your hat looks like mine should. Did you shorten it at all?

Marcia said...

No. Maybe you need less rows on the head part. Cute pattern with chunky wt yarn.

Liz said...